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Dots Candy Christmas 6-Ounce Packs: 12-Piece Box


DOTS candy is the jewel-toned chewy treat created in 1945 that has become known as America’s number one gumdrop brand. They are so popular among candy lovers and moviegoers that Tootsie Roll Industries currently produces over four billion of these sweet chewy candies each year in their Chicago, Illinois factory! DOTS gumdrops are happy little bite-sized candies that come in a rainbow of colors and flavors and are perfectly portable for road trips, fishing trips, and trips to the theater.

DOTS candies are available in Original, Tropical, Sour, and Holiday blends with flavors from traditional to exotic. Original comes in Cherry, Strawberry, Lemon, Lime, and Orange, and Tropical varieties include Island Nectar, Wild Mango, Grapefruit Cooler, Carambola Melon, and Paradise Punch. For a cone-shaped chewy bite of tart-tasting pleasure, the Sour variety is covered in sour crystals and come in flavors of Cherry, Lemon, Green Apple, Orange, and Grape. When the holidays roll around, these gumdrops are ready for the festivities with Easter, Christmas, and Valentine’s varieties that are dual-colored and flavored chewy, sweet delights! When you want to have the very best, most chewy and fruity candy on the planet, Candy Warehouse has LOTS and LOTS of bulk DOTS candy to choose from!