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Di Matteo Confetti is an Italian confectioner located in San Giovanni in Marignano that creates exquisite candies perfetto for weddings, anniversaries, and elegant events. This traditional candy maker offers more than fifty types of candies in white or colored, as well as Italian candy such as Ciocco Mandorla, Chocolate Dragees, Ciocco White and Milk Chocolate candies, and chocolate eggs. Di Matteo Confetti chocolates are made under the artisan standards of tradition and feature a delicate sweetness for pure chocolate flavor. Almonds from the countryside of Sicily and Spain are used to make jordan almonds, which are crunchy delights encased in an edible shiny silver shell for the ultimate brilliance at weddings or sophisticated events. Add a touch of elegance to the buffet table with the selections of this grandioso candy from Candy Warehouse!