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Crayola has been coloring our world for over 100 years, bringing creativity and joy to budding artists of all ages. When Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith took over the family pigment business in 1885, they soon realized a need for safe, high quality, affordable wax crayons, and in 1903, produced the first box of eight crayons, selling these novel creations for five cents. Located in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, this company has expanded over the years to include a full line of innovative art tools, crafting activities, creative toys, and candy, adding a splash of color and flavor to our everyday world.

Crayola candy bundled with coloring books are gifts that feed the taste buds along with the creative soul, providing hours of wholesome entertainment. Sweet treats like Candy Gummy Bears, Candy Powders, Color Your Mouth Taffy, Color Wheel Rainbow Swirl Pops, Colorful Candy Canes, Ginormous Candy Canes, and huge crayon containers filled with Gumballs delight the senses while Crayola coloring pages inspire creativity and build self-confidence. To add color to those pages, Crayola crayons come in a zillion shades of every color imaginable with Metallic, Neon, Pearl, Silly Scents, Unicorn Glitter, Jumbo Sized and Washable varieties available to tickle everyone’s fancy, and Crayola markers are available in colors and styles to fit every artist’s demands. For a rainbow of color melded with delightful, sweet flavor, browse the artful and delicious selections of this trusted brand available at Candy Warehouse!