Chocolaterie Abtey

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Say “adieu” to pedestrian candy when you’re savoring a selection of liquor-filled bottles from Chocolaterie Abtey. Outside, a deep, dark Abtey chocolate shell stands guard over the precious treasure. Inside, your choice of fruit-flavored vodkas or luscious liqueurs silently waits to be set free. Each chocolate liquor bottle is oozing with fine authentic spirits containing real alcohol, so you can imbibe and indulge all at the same time. Abtey liqueur chocolates are the spécialité de la maison of a prestigious Alsatian family-run chocolate factory. They’ve been turning out the pure cocoa butter chocolates handcrafted by a Master Chocolatier for decades. No need to travel overseas — you can procure this deliciously sophisticated French candy right here at Candy Warehouse. The 12-packs of Abtey liqueur chocolates come to you nestled in a colorful plastic crate, or little liquor locker if you like alliteration.