Black Forest Candy

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Black Forest gummy bears are the snack of choice for those who want a sweet and chewy gummy made of purely natural ingredients. Voted 2019 Product of the Year by the Consumer Survey of Product Innovation, Black Forest gummies are made in the USA with real fruit juice and get their jewel-toned colors from natural sources. Gluten free and fat free, Black Forest organic gummy worms are dual flavored candies in Apple/Cherry, Orange/Lemon, and Cherry/Pineapple, and join the entire family of snacks including sweet or sour Organic Gummies and Fruit Snacks, Gummy Bears, hard candy, lollipops, and holiday-themed varieties. When an artificial confection is out of the question, these fabulous and flavorful sweet and squishy treats are just what you need! Find them as fresh as can be, in stock and ready to ship from Candy Warehouse!