Barrels of Yum

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Barrels of Yum is a family-owned company in Michigan that creates nostalgic barrel-shaped hard candies and super-delicious square lollipops infused with extraordinary and trendy flavors. These made in the USA treats are Kosher certified and contain no artificial sweeteners, and each flavor is taste-tested and fine-tuned until it meets epicurean standards of excellence. There are 36 wild and wonderful Barrels of Yum candy flavors to choose from, including old favorites like Blue Raspberry, Black Cherry, and Rootbeer to wildly unique Blueberry Crumble, Snickerdoodle, and Chai Tea. For those super odd cravings, or to create a laugh at a baby shower, why not combine the tastes of Dill Pickle with Strawberry Ice Cream in a candy bowl for the expectant mother? The flavors are so good, even pickles and ice cream are sure to be a hit! Roll out a barrel of fun with these nostalgic treats at Candy Warehouse!