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Andes Mints Creme de Menthe Easter Bunny Candy Packs: 24-Piece Display


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Created in 1950, Andes Mints are the classic after-dinner treat that makes any meal extra special, or just the candy you need to satisfy a crowd. These silky smooth and decadent chocolate mint foil-wrapped squares are currently produced in the heart of the Midwest by Tootsie Roll Industries in their Delavan, Wisconsin facility, and are one of the most popular after-dinner candies distributed at restaurants nationwide.

Andes candies began as Andy’s Candies, in a small shop located in Chicago, Illinois founded by Andrew Kanelos. When the name wasn’t well-received by male customers who disliked giving their wives and girlfriends boxes of candy with a man’s name as its brand, Kanelos changed his business name to appease the masses. The company quickly grew and has since changed hands several times, until finally landing under the Tootsie Roll Company. These famed mints are well known as an after-dinner treat in fine dining establishments and come in flavors such as Crème de Menthe, Butter Toffee, Peppermint Crunch, Parfait, and Cherry Jubilee wrapped in traditional shiny green, glitzy gold or holiday red foil. The brand also has baking chips in Peppermint Crunch or Crème de Menthe for homemade treats with pizazz. When just any mint won’t do, Candy Warehouse has all your favorite flavors of Andes Mints in value-priced bulk sizes ready to grace your table or fill your candy bowl with sweet chocolatey excellence.