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Albanese Autumn Gummy Bears Candy: 5LB Bag


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Nobody does gummy better than Albanese candy. Ever since 1998 when this Confectionary Group invented a new technology that allowed a greater flavor release from gelatins, the gummy candy with the soft texture and intense flavor has been rocking taste buds the world over. The incomparably fresh and fruity Albanese gummy bears were the first in the Gummy Bear Universe to be offered in single flavors. Not content to stop at bears, the ever-innovative Albanese created gummy sharks, gummy rainforest frogs, gummy army men, and the skin-crawling giant gummy snake. Take a bite out of this 2-foot-long sweet scaly creature, and let the trio of fruity flavors slither slowly down your throat. Candy Warehouse carries a massive collection of your favorite Albanese candy, including seasonal specialties for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day. Each package of World's Best Gummies comes fresh from the Albanese candy factory to our warehouse to your home. Sink your teeth into the pure deliciousness that is Albanese Confectionery.

History of Albanese Confectionery

Albanese is the brand of gummy bears and other intensely flavored chewy confections that have become America’s favorite soft-textured treat. This family-owned, successful, and well-known candy-making company’s story began as all American dreams do, by one fearless entrepreneur with an idea, a plan, and a whole lot of determination.


Albanese Confectionery Group, Inc., produces candies, chocolates, and other sweets in their factory in Merrillville, Indiana. Their specialty is gummy candy, but they also manufacture roasted nuts, sugar free candies, and snacks, as well as gifts for special life events such as weddings and birthdays. The confectionery also has two outlet stores located near the factory in Northwest Indiana.

Albanese Candy Factory

This facility spans over seven acres of property in Northwest Indiana and employs around 450 people. It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is known to produce more than 750,000 gummy bears an hour. The company’s main product, gummy bears and other gummy candy are known to have an intense flavor and a chewy texture that does not get stuck in your teeth like other brands. To see the candy-making in action, this factory offers free guided group tours or self-guided tours year-round except November and December and March and April.

History A former bricklayer, Scott Albanese started this confectionery company as a way to supplement income for his growing family. In 1983, with great determination, he and his immediate family began this venture by producing roasted nuts and soon moved on to manufacturing chocolates and gummies. Groundbreaking innovation hit in 1998 when the candy maker invented a new technology to allow for higher flavor release from gelatins. Adding to that breakthrough was his 2001 discovery of how to add more sour flavor to the chewy gummy treats. These inventions led to a 2002 Professional Candy Buyer’s Product of the Year award, which recognized Albanese Confectionery Company’s innovative work in the gummi candy industry. Four years later, in 2006, the company was nominated again for the Product of the Year in the non-chocolate category and was the recipient of the prestigious Technology Award for developing an innovative process of placing Omega 3 Fish Oil into gummi candy. Finally, in 2011, the world’s most loved gummies gained approval by the FDA for a Vegetable/Fruit snack for the school lunch program, exceeding stringent state requirements.


Although this company is one of the largest producers of gummies in the industry, they don’t engage in a significant advertising campaign, relying more on their quality product to spread their brand by word of mouth. The company markets its products through stores, as well as online candy retailers like Candy Warehouse.


Albanese gummies, chocolates, nuts, and candy mixes are distributed across the United States and in 39 countries.

New Albanese 2019 Releases

This confectioner never stops innovating the candy industry and released several new treats in 2019 including the Assorted Egg-Shaped Sucker, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Buckeyes, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Meltaways with Sea Salt, and Yogurt Double Stuffed Oreos. They also introduced a new holiday-themed mix called Frosty’s Favorite Mix which features yogurt covered Rice and Corn Chex, Cheerios, and Micro Mini Pretzel Twists as well as roasted salted Blanched Peanuts and Red and Green Christmas Chocolate Gems.

Albanese Gummy Bears

Spanning the rainbow, each flavor of this iconic candy company’s gummy bear collection is color-coded for your taste-tempting convenience. Vibrant red is Cherry, soft pink is Pink Grapefruit, teal blue is Watermelon, rosy pink is Strawberry, dark blue is Blue Raspberry, pale green is Lime, deep purple is Grape, vibrant green is Green Apple, sunflower yellow is Mango, translucent white is Pineapple, pale yellow is Lemon, and sunshine orange is Orange flavor. Colors like pure white are a uniquely delicious Strawberry Banana flavor, and orange and white swirl is sweet juicy Orange Cream Bearsicle. There are also bright berry red raspberry gummy candies as well as gummy rings and seasonal items.

The company also offers sugar free selections in gummy candy and chocolates for those on a restricted diet, and roasted or raw nuts like walnuts, pecans, and cashews as well as blends of dried fruit and nuts.

Similar Candy Brands

If you like Albanese, other gummy brands you might enjoy are Haribo, which is a German-based company that produces candy gummy fruits and cola bottles, Black Forest, which creates juicy gummies and fruit snacks made with real fruit juice and colored using plant-based sources, with organic versions available, and Vidal, a Spanish confectioner that makes gummies, licorice, marshmallows, and lollipops, as well as Kosher candy varieties.

Born out of a need to feed a growing family, Albanese continues to grace America’s candy bowls, birthday party loot bags, and Halloween party buffet tables with the best tasting and most delightful gummy candy on the planet.