Brach's Halloween Candy Corn Treat Packets: 70-Piece Bag by Brach's

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It’s time to stop tossing handfuls of candy corn into trick-or-treat bags. We know, we know, it’s the perfect holiday candy, and no treat bag is complete without those corn-shaped delicacies. But at the end of the night, when all the little monsters dump out their sweets to count their loot, it’s a ghastly shame to find a smattering of candy corn all over the floor. What a waste of those sweet, sweet, tri-colored treats!

So save the day this Halloween with conveniently packed mini bags instead! With perfect, snack-sized servings of those honey-sweetened bites, you’ll be the hero of Halloween (and have finally earned the right to truly rock that caped crusader costume).

Made with real HONEY!

Bag contains 70 treat packs of Brach's Halloween Candy Corn.

Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs.