Blue & Red 2-Foot-Long Giant Gummy Worm by Giant Gummy

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Behold, the Giant Gummy Worm – gentle leviathan of the gummy candy universe. This benign, segmented invertebrate might be low on the evolutionary totem pole compared to the mammalian gummy bear, but what it lacks in complexity it more than makes up for in delicious dual-flavored gummy goodness of Blue Raspberry and Red Cherry. Primitive candy-loving tribes would hunt these noble Giant Gummy Worm creatures in dirt made of cookies and pudding in hopes of feeding their families for weeks. Now you can do the same by ordering one.

• 2 feet long... About 3 pounds! That is roughly the same weight as the world’s largest non-gummy worm, Microchaetus rappi.
• Giant Gummy Worms come with two flavors although these gummy candies are so big some refer to them as "time zones".
• Worm your way out of a sticky situation with this giant gummy at your side.
• Hook this onto your fishing line to entice the really big bass.
• Great for aerating your candy garden soil.
• Forget cakes... who wouldn't love a giant gummy worm at their birthday party.
• Giant Gummy Worms are 2 feet long. About 65.7 million of them would stretch around the world.
• Handmade in the USA by master gummy artisans.
• Gluten free.

Shipping Weight ~ 4 lbs.