The Surprising Health Benefits of Chocolate

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You have probably heard it before from your Mom: Don’t eat too much chocolate, it’s not good for you! While chocolate is probably one of the tastiest treats around, Mom is right, and wrong! While the origins of chocolate dates back to around 450 B.C. with the Mayans, we have recently started to learn more about the health benefits and health concerns associated with the delicious treat.

The Mayans believed that the seeds of the cacao plant, which is the basis of chocolate, was extremely valuable and was used as a commodity. They also believed that the seed from the cacao gave wisdom and strength. While it can’t be proven to make you smarter or stronger, it does have some benefits.

Scientists and diet experts have done research about how chocolate effects peoples health. They have found that chocolate (especially dark chocolate) does offer a variety of health benefits. In moderation, they include: being very nutritious, an important source of antioxidants, helps control cholesterol levels and helps with blood flow. In addition, studies have indicated that chocolate can help by increasing your energy level and even improving your memory.

As mentioned earlier, a reasonable amount of chocolate candy can be healthy for people. However, if you eat a larger amount of chocolate, the health effects can be negative. Having too much chocolate can lead to high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke and persistent headaches.

We hope this information the amount of chocolate helps to inform you on how a modest amount of chocolate can be beneficial to your heart. We hope this information is helpful and feel free to share this information with others who can use it.

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