Hi-Chew Releases New Dragonfruit Flavor

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Morinaga America, Inc., the company that manufactures the exotic and highly delicious chewing gum sized candy, Hi-Chew, has debuted Dragonfruit as a new flavor that promises a super-fruity taste bud adventure in every bite. This unique flavor, voted number one in Hi-Chew’s “East Meets West Flavor Challenge,” is joining the company’s new “Superfruit Mix,” a variety of power-fruit flavors including Acai and Kiwi, all adorned with a coating of Chia seeds. Dragonfruit will also join the all-new Tropical Mix, an easy to tote stand up pouch which includes Pineapple, Mango, and Kiwi flavors.

First launched in 1975, Hi Chew candy was developed out of a need to find a substitute for chewing gum in Japan, as removing food from one’s mouth is considered impolite in Japanese culture. Since then, Hi-Chew has been available in over 170 flavors, all of which were carefully researched to achieve the authentic fruit tastes demanded by consumers.

In celebration of this company’s 10th anniversary, and to bring the flavors of the East to the United States, Morinaga America, Inc proposed the “East Meets West Flavor Challenge” in 2018, which allowed consumers to vote for the flavor they would like to see offered in the American market. Dragonfruit, which is native to the Japanese island of Okinawa and has a sweet yet zesty pear/kiwi flavor, was chosen as the winner from 20 taste essences like Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Lilikoi, and Lychee, as well as dessert-like palate-pleasers such as Cotton Candy, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Chocolate Covered Banana.

According to Mr. Norio Otsuki, Chief Operating Officer of Morinaga America, Inc., “the Japanese consumer’s palate is uniquely fickle, which allows for innovation and experimentation when it comes to different flavor offerings. As the American palate expands and global cuisine becomes more widely appreciated, we look forward to potentially introducing even more distinctly Japanese flavors to the United States market.”

Available now at Candy Warehouse, this brand-new Dragonfruit flavored candy is a chewy confection made with concentrated fruit juices, and provides a burst of real fruit flavor, wrapped in an exotic Chia seed coating. Hi-Chew Dragonfruit is a refreshing addition to the bite-sized category of confectionary delight and is sure to please those who are looking for an innovative taste bud sensation.


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