Hershey’s Releases ICE BREAKERS Orange Mints

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Bringing novel and exciting mints to the candy world is business as usual for the Hershey’s company, who acquired the ICE BREAKERS brand from Nabisco in 2000 for $135 million. Since that purchase, this brand of chewing gum and mints has undergone many reinventions in both flavor and form and keeps the icy-cool fire burning with their recent release of the new ICE BREAKERS Duo Orange flavor.

After it was acquired by Hershey’s, ICE BREAKERS began to show growth and has catapulted the iconic chocolate company to the number 3 spot in chewing gum manufacturers. This new addition to the ICE BREAKERS lineup boosts the numbers even further as it made the nominee list for the 2019 National Confectioners Association’s Most Innovative Product Awards, which is presented annually at the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago. This accolade proves ICE BREAKERS Duo Orange is already accepted as a long-lasting, breath freshening, and wildly fruity taste party in the mouth.

ICE BREAKERS Duo Fruit + Cool Sugar-Free Mints are packed with the long-lasting freshness of peppermint and winter-cool on one side and fruity orange sweetness on the flip side, with revitalizing flavor crystals that offer instant refreshment in a taste sensation that is far from boring. These sugar-free mint duos contain half the calories of their sugar-loaded counterparts and come in a convenient and easy to tote, round, flip-top container.

This newly introduced palate sensation is set to join the ranks of the other Hershey’s mint and chewing gum brands like Bubble Yum, Breath Savers, and promises to deliver an out of this world taste bud sensation for those who want something different.


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