Fun Halloween Games and Crafts

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Boo! Beware of the spectacular, spooky games included here. Play at your own risk on your own or with friends, but be warned that too much fun has been known to lead to a screaming good time. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

PBS Online Halloween Games

Go batty with the PBS collection of Halloween games for kids.

Ghoulishly Great Halloween Ideas

Halloween party planning is super easy with this list of ideas, including spooky foods everyone can enjoy.

Online Pumpkin Carving

Practice carving your spooky or silly Halloween Jack-o-lantern.

This website has a ton of fun online games and activities for Halloween.

Healthy Halloween Party Tips

Try some of these healthy Halloween hacks to off-set the sugar overload of trick-or-treating.

Halloween Party

Get everything you need for your Halloween bash!

Trick-or-Treating Safety

This is a Printable coloring activity that helps teach kids about the importance of Halloween safety.

Origins of Halloween and the Day of the Dead

Learn more about the background of Halloween and the Day of the Dead, how these are different and alike.

Tips for Carving the Perfect Pumpkin

Pumpkin carving is a fun tradition specific to Halloween. Learn how to make a cool pumpkin that is all yours.

Halloween Treats

Stock up on all of your favorite Halloween treats and share them with your frightening friends.

Make a NASA Climate Kids Pumpkin

Showcase your love of the environment this Halloween with a special pumpkin using these cool NASA Climate Kids Stencils.

Skeleton Cannon

Launch skeletons out of a creepy cannon and see how far they will go.

Graveyard Game

Play the graveyard game with LOL Disney. Halloween Games

Play a ton of different Halloween-themed games to get in the spirit of the night.

The History of Candy Corn

Candy corn is a sweet treat popular around the Halloween season. Find out more about the history behind this colorful candy.

Frightfully Fun Halloween Party Games for Kids

Suited for kids of many different age and skill levels, these games make a fun addition to any Halloween party.

Printable Halloween Charades Game

With this free printable, you can have fun with your friends, playing charades at your next Halloween party.

Halloween Topple Tree Math Game

Using Halloween spider rings, this fun math game would be great to play and practice math skills.

Outdoor Candy Corn Hop Game

Play and practice reading and literacy skills with this candy corn-themed hopscotch game.

Pumpkin Hunt

Similar to an Easter egg hunt, a pumpkin hunt is a fun way to kick off a night of trick-or-treating.

Jack-o-lantern Playdough Game

Free printable and how-to-play instructions are included in this kids shapes and numbers activity.

Spider Web Walking Game

This unique game can be played inside or outside and is a fun game for little learners.

History and Traditions of Halloween

Quick, fun facts about the history and traditions of Halloween.

Printable Halloween Masks

These printable masks are fun and spooky, perfect for a Halloween party or easy Halloween costume.

Healthy Halloween Party Food Recipes

So many yummy treats are eaten around Halloween. Add some terrifyingly tasty treats to your Halloween menu.

Have a Safe Halloween

These easy to remember Halloween safety tips will help to make sure you enjoy Halloween to the fullest, without fear.

What is a Teal Pumpkin?

The teal pumpkin is a symbol of safe, allergy-free treats.

Test Your Halloween Safety Knowledge

Use this quiz to see how your Halloween safety skills stack up before you go out trick-or-treating.

Halloween Cut/Paste Activity

Complete the Halloween pattern with a bat, a jack-o-lantern, a witch, and other Halloween characters.

Halloween Songs

Celebrate Halloween with a silly, spooky song sing-off! This list of Halloween hits will get your party started.

Halloween ESL Games

Halloween-themed ESL games can be a great way to connect with friends or classmates this October.

DIY Halloween Party Games

Have some Halloween fun with these kid-friendly Halloween party activities and games.

Halloween Word Search

Before you go hunting for haunting treats, find the Halloween words lurking in this printable word search.

Halloween Hop

This Halloween trivia game is a fun way to learn a little more about one of your favorite holidays.

Halloween Jokes

Crack a couple of Halloween jokes instead of tricks this Halloween.

Halloween Games for Kids

These active Halloween games are a great way to run off some of that sugar collected while trick-or-treating.

The Best Halloween Party Games for Kids

This collection of Halloween party games will be a big hit with the guys and ghouls.

Printable Halloween Coloring Pages

Pick and print some fun Halloween coloring pages. These could also be made into a good teal pumpkin treat.

Pumpkin Chains

Help the witch hurl pumpkins to take out the different colored pumpkins in this chain game.

Educational Halloween Games for Kids

Halloween games can be fun and educational. Try any of these activities with your friends or classmates.

Play Princess vs. Villian Halloween Challenge

Test your Halloween skills in this fun game from

Boredom-Busting Halloween Games

Try any of these Halloween activities this season and beat the boredom between Halloween events.


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