BTS Themed Party Candy Ideas

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So you're throwing a BTS themed party and you want to make it as sweet as the boys themselves? Look no further, because we've got the perfect candy ideas to make your party pop like a confetti cannon at a BTS concert!

Why Purple Candy?

Well, if you're a true ARMY, you know that "I Purple You" is a special phrase in the BTS fandom. It's a way to show love and support for the boys, and what better way to incorporate BTS candy into your party than with purple candy? It's like giving your taste buds a little taste of BTS magic!

The owner of Candy Warehouse is a BTS ARMY!

Did you know that the owner of Candy Warehouse is a huge BTS fan? That's right, she's ARMY so you know they've got the best selection of purple candy for your BTS themed birthday bash or cupsleeve event!

Candy Perfect for BTS Themed Birthday

From grape-flavored lollipops to lavender taffy, there's a whole world of purple candy out there waiting to make your BTS themed birthday party a hit. Have any ideas or candy you think we should add to make your party even better? Contact us now and we will get them!

Get the Party Started!

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on some purple candy, crank up the BTS tunes, and get ready to party like it's 2013 (the year BTS debuted, for all you new ARMYs out there)! Your guests will be dancing like J-Hope and singing like Jungkook in no time!

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