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How Much Candy Should I Buy?

If you are providing a candy buffet/bar that allows guests to take some candy home with them in the form of a party favor, our general rule of thumb is to account for approximately eight ounces of candy per guest. That is roughly the equivalent weight of four full-size candy bars. This means if you have 100 guests, then you will need approximately 800 ounces or 50 pounds of candy. The two photos below illustrate how one pound and five pounds of Runts will look in one of our One Gallon Glass Candy Jars:

1 Gallon Glass Candy Jars

This estimate takes into account that some guests will take more than eight ounces, some will take less and some may not take any candy at all (thereby leaving a little extra product for display purposes). Many of our products are sold in five-pound bags so one five-pound or 80-ounce bag of candy will cover approximately ten guests.

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