Treat Street Wind-up Pirate Candy Poopers: 3-Piece Set by Treat Street

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Pirates may be known as fierce and frightening marauders of the high seas… but deep down, they’re still human beings with basic human needs.

And what we’re really trying to say here is simple: "Everybody poops. Even pirates."

With their surly grins and eye patches, these mateys are certain to strike fear into the hearts of maidens and noblemen alike. Wind them up and watch as they pillage, plunder, and poop across any flat surface! Then just scoop up their droppings and pop them in your mouth… ye be eatin’ better than ye e’er be before! (Did we mention they only excrete round, colorful pieces of candy? Way tastier than grog -- eat up, me hearties, yo ho!)

Candy Dispenser Height: 3.5 Inches

Set contains 3 Pirate Candy Poopers, each with approximately 6 pieces of candy.

Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs.