Sour Power Belts Candy - Wild Cherry: 3KG Bag by Sour Power

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How wild are these wild cherry sour power candy belts? Let’s just say they’re pretty out there. We’re talking throwing sour morsels all over your tongue without any care that your eyes will squint and lips will pucker as a reaction to the flavor. Sounds wild right? We told you. But we also have to say that every wild cherry has a bit of a soft side. So you can expect juicy and sweet flavor to follow all of that outrageous behavior. But don’t count on it being too sweet. After all, these red power belts have a rep to protect. And speaking of protection, you might find yourself protecting the bag they came in with your life. It’s something about that wild flavor that makes you want to keep it all to yourself, even if there are plenty to share in the three kilogram pack.

There are approximately 100 pieces per kilogram.
Belt Dimensions (Inches): 9 x 3/4

Bag contains 3 kilograms (~6.6 pounds) of Wild Cherry Sour Power Belts Candy.

Made in Holland.

Shipping Weight ~ 7 lbs.