Almonds - Whole Raw Carmels: 25LB Case

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Out of all of the pages on the web, it’s no coincidence that you’ve landed here. You’re probably a bit of an almond connoisseur, aren’t you? Oh don’t be shy about it. You weren’t thrown off by the name Carmel in the title thinking you’d get a chunky caramel candy in the mix. No! You know your stuff, particularly that Carmel nuts are a distinct variety of almonds native to California. Besides being popular enough to garner their own name, the Carmel has a rich warm hue, elongated body, soft shell, and very delicate flavor. But one thing that isn’t delicate is the benefit of a scoopful. Almonds are heavy with minerals, vitamins, and protein. Perfect for parties, set a bowl of Carmel almonds out along with caramels and let your guests enjoy them separately or together.

Case contains 25 pounds of Whole Raw Carmel Almond Nuts.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 26 lbs.