Plastic 2-Ounce Candy Scoop - White by Party Darby

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Item #: 128030



Get the latest scoop on candy scoops! When you need to transport your favorite confections from a jar to a treat bag, from one container to another, or from any location straight into your happily awaiting mouth, you might as well shovel your candy in style! This white plastic candy scoop holds up to two ounces of sweets at once. That’s a sizable amount of candy!

Perfect for candy buffets and all of your other treat-transferring needs -- match the scoop to your color coordinated displays, or mix things up for a bit of complementary color fun.

Total Length: 6.5 Inches

Capacity: 2 Ounces

Shipping Weight ~ 1/4 lb.

Note: NOT safe for dishwasher or microwave use.