Unicorn Dust Sandy Candy: 8-Bottle Party Pack by Imagine That

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Never have a boring party again with magical unicorn candy in nifty squirt bottles! This delicious powder candy pack includes 8 squeezable bottles of candy sand and 12 empty containers to fill with the various sandy colors. The kids create their own candy designs by filling the plastic vessels with alternating colors of the yummy powder candies, thereby forming a rainbow of candy stratum like a crazy geologic record in a bottle. Forget "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" birthday party games.... creating your own edible art is way more fun!

Candy Menu:
Yellow - Lemonade
Orange - Orange
Red - Strawberry
Pink - Watermelon
Purple - Grape
Blue - Blue Raspberry
Dark Green - Tutti Frutti
Light Green - Key Lime

Powder Candy Bottle Height: 6 Inches
Fill-able Container Height: 2.875 Inches

Mesh bag includes an assortment of 8 Unicorn Dust Sandy Candy Bottles and 12 Filling Containers.

Shipping Weight ~ 5 lbs.