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Unicorn Candy

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Unicorns.. So what are Unicorns? And where did they come from?Unicorn Candy

The hunt for this answer is a bit like hunting for Unicorns themselves. It is believed that the legend started in India. Where scholars infer the "griffin" is also from. In short, the Unicorn is a mythological animal resembling a horse, or a kid with a horn stemming from its forehead. The unicorn started appearing in early Mesopotamian artworks, and also was referred to in ancient myths of India & China. The earliest description in ancient Greek literature of a single-horned animal dates back to 400 BC. This very first mention of a Unicorn in ancient history describes the features as a wild horse, with a white body, a purple head, and blue eyes. And on its forehead, an 18-inch long horn! Which was colored white at the base, black in the middle, and red at the tip. And legend has it, those who drank from its horn were thought to be protected from epilepsy, poison, and stomach pain. Perhaps drinking soda from unicorn pinatas would do the body a lot of good! Maybe even better than an apple a day! Perhaps delighting in a few unicorn pops would have some health benefit as well. When it comes to mythological nutrition, we have a lot to offer. You can explore the ultimate collection of unicorn candy, which includes lollipops, marshmallows, chocolates, and so much more. Make your party or event extra fun with unique candies featuring rainbows, and ancient horse creatures with beautiful swirly horns!
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