Twizzlers Black Licorice Twists: 16-Ounce Bag by Twizzlers

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Licorice maker-Y & S Candies established themselves as a prominent confection creator out of Pennsylvania when they introduced black licorice twists to the market in 1845. Similar to anise and fennel in taste, the slightly sweet and boldly flavored licorice root is immensely popular the world over and is used to disguise the taste of medicine, sweeten soft drinks, flavor soups and as a healing agent for certain ailments. The craving for black licorice is like no other, and we say the best way to indulge it is by reaching for a pack of Twizzlers Black Licorice Twists since they are proven experts in that arena. Glossy black and endlessly chewy, Twizzlers have an intense taste that can be habit-forming. These whips boast classically crimped ends, so if you intend to use them as a straw in your soda you'll have to bite off some bits first...gee, darn.

Twist Length: 8 Inches

Bag contains 16 ounces of Twizzlers Black Licorice Twists... that's about 40 pieces.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 1.5 lbs. Kosher Certified.