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Tissue Paper Pom Pom - 8 Inch
Tissue Paper Pom Pom - 8 Inch 
  • Tissue Paper Pom Pom - 8 Inch
  • Tissue Paper Pom Pom - 8 Inch

Tissue Paper Pom Pom - 8 Inch

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These flirty pom poms may be full of pomp and panache, but they’re far from pompous! Each feathery ball is made from colorful tissue paper produced in the USA and then carefully constructed by hand in Canada. Plus, the tissue is created from 100% recycled fibers, making these peppy poms just as environmentally friendly as they are stylish! Choose from an assortment of hues to match any party color scheme -- they’re perfect for every event, from weddings to birthdays and anything in between! Fluff them up like a spherical flower to hang from ceilings, or only unfurl half of the pom to use as a wall ornament!

Each pom pom measures 8 inches across when completely fluffed (for reference, that’s about the width of an average human head!). Mix and match different styles and sizes of these perky paper poms to achieve any number of fun effects. Happy decorating!
Note: If you plan to hang your pom poms, first tie the string in the center of the folded pom before you start to unfurl it. Next, spread the folds out like petals of a flower, then carefully separate one layer of tissue paper at a time, pulling up in sections. Don’t worry if you accidentally tear a piece or two -- once it is open, the shape of the pom is very forgiving and easily hides any rips and crinkles!

Shipping Weight ~ 1/2 lb.
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