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Candy From the 50s

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During the mid-20th century, America underwent momentous change. Televisions exposed us to a world we barely knew, rock ‘n’ roll sensations filled stadiums with raunchy music, and the race to space saw tremendous advances in technology. As men returned from war, product variety boomed and gave birth to a new age in advertising. As a result, candy lovers suddenly had an incredible assortment of sweets to choose from. If you’re looking for a special gift to give to your favorite baby boomer, CandyWarehouse.com has got you covered. Our selection of 1950s candy features all the wildly wacky or downright delicious treats that kids and adults liked to eat during this fabulous era. Find Charleston Chew®, Rocky Road®, Cup-O-Gold®, and other retro 1950s candy brands by browsing our inventory today!

Take a trip down memory lane by stocking up on candy cigarettes, wax bottles, syrup sticks, root beer barrels, candy necklaces, and other sugary sweets to keep your taste buds occupied at any time of the day. We also offer jelly nougats, Turkish taffy, coconut candies, gumdrops, jelly fruit slices, licorice twists, and other gooey goodies that made all those summertime afternoons even sweeter. Remember when penny candy was sold in all the five-and-dime stores? We provide nostalgic assortments of old-fashioned candy to take you back to the flavor of the Fifties. Each candy gift box features several kinds of 1950s candy to suit any sweet tooth.

Back in the day, snack time was all about simplicity. Folks would pass the time at work or at home by sucking on hard candies, honeycombed peanuts, peppermint lumps, filled candy drops, or flavored lollipops. One iconic pop culture phenomenon to take the 1950s by storm began as an Austrian venture to create compressed peppermint sweets. By 1948, the PEZ® candy dispenser was patented. Whether decorating for a birthday party, hosting a corporate event, or organizing your wedding favors, candy dispensers are always a big hit with the crowd. In our selection of PEZ® dispensers, you’ll find superheroes, everyday heroes, trucks, major league baseball teams, Disney cartoons, or even some of your favorite characters from the famed "Peanuts" comic strip. Collect your favorites or collect them all! If you have any questions about our retro 1950s candy collection, please contact us today for additional information.