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"Our love affair with candy is far from new. For several millennia, humans have been splurging on sweets and we aim to keep the tradition going. Candy Warehouse carries a large assortment of small sugar candies that you may know better by another name. Penny candy has a long and celebrated history, but the term encompasses quite the variety of individually wrapped treats. Originally, confectioners and candy shops would sell these candies for a penny. Before you whip out the calculator to check for inflation, you should shop from our selection to relive the glory days. We carry all the name brands you know and love, including Bit-O-Honey®, Chick-O-Stick®, Dubble Bubble®, Mary Jane®. and so much more. Explore our candy collection today!

What could possibly be sweeter than candy? Penny candy! Each bite-sized morsel is individually wrapped to maintain freshness for the perfect single-size snack. The first individually wrapped version of this beloved candy was the Tootsie Roll. We carry Tootsie® assortments filled with chewy, chocolatey candy as well as their signature fruit rolls and Frooties in an array of delicious flavors: green apple, mango, fruit punch, strawberry, and more. Caramel squares are incredibly versatile and can add a trace of creamy goodness to any candy or dessert recipe.

Looking for hard candy to snack on during the day? Look no further, because we offer a massive selection of hard candies, peppermint lumps, toffee, lollipops, rock crystals, and super sour treats to keep your taste buds begging for more. Many of our metallic foiled candies are sorted by color, so you can mix and match to complement the color scheme of weddings, parties, corporate events, or any special occasion worth celebrating.

In addition to classic sweets, we also offer an assortment of foreign sweets from manufacturers across the pond. Take your taste buds for a tour by trying Neapolitan coconut candy from Argentina, coffee hard candy from Holland, fruit slices from Italy, or jelly nougats from Mexico. If you have any questions about our penny candy collection, please contact a member of our team for further assistance. Remember to register your account so you can enjoy faster checkout processes, store multiple shipping addresses, and track orders.