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SweeTarts Jelly Beans Candy: 2.75LB Box by SweeTARTS

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Sometimes you’re a little indecisive. When you’re at the grocery store, you double bag with both paper and plastic. When you’re picking out something to wear, you pile on the layers so you don’t have to choose. And when you’re going to the movie theater, you occasionally sneak between movies, not knowing what to see. But this time, you don’t have to decide. With the punchy tanginess of SweeTarts bursting throughout fourteen ounces of chewy, colorful jellybeans, you get the best of both worlds, without giving up either. Now, will you choose to pay with debit or credit?

Flavor assortment includes:
Blue Punch

Box contains 2.75 pounds of SweeTarts Jelly Beans Candy packed in 12 bags, each with a net weight of 3.7 ounces.

Shipping Weight ~ 3.5 lbs.