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Sweet Stories

Super Good Candy 4/19/2017
WoW! All your candy rock’s. It’s the best candy ever. It’s so delicious that I will die if I never had tasted your candy. It’s the bomb. It’s super good candy! I’m like in love you with your candies especially the Bubblelicious. The bubblelicious makes my mouth water all the time. It’s so good. Are there any new flavors coming out? if so send me some. Sincerely your number 1 buyer Gummy bears are both sweet and sour. They come in different fruit flavors. Some taste sweet like strawberries and other taste sweet like watermelons. Gummies can also taste as sour as lemons. The sour gummies are covered in sugar which reminds me of sugary pie. The packages makes a crackly noise; it’s crackly like hard bread. The package has a plastic texture like a wrapped candy bar. It has a shape as square as a block. Gummy bears can also come in gift packages. These packages vary in size, shape, and type. Some examples of gift packages might include boxes, cups, and special decorated bags. I enjoy the candy in every package. The appearance of gummy bears is simple because they are shaped like a bear. They come in many colors like a rainbow. Gummy bears can be orange like oranges, yellow like bananas, white as snow, green as limes, and red as cherries. My favorite is the white like snow gummy bears. I like the color and taste of the white gummy bears. Gummy bears have a nice appearance. They have an interesting package. Gummy bears are very flavorful with their sweet and sour taste. You should go try some! Gummy bears are my favorite candy!
Milky Way Candy Bar Fan Letter 4/11/2017
Dear Milky Way Company, I have just eaten the just most gracious Milky Way ever from my goodie back on Halloween. My Milky Way had goowy caramel, and smooth choclate. Every time I tear it open I feel like I won a grand prize and I smell the caramel and choclate. The delite when I eat them, I eat them slowly so I can cherish them moment. Thank you for making MilkyWays. There my favorite candy. I would compare my Milky Way to a toy, and the toy would be a teddy bear. The teddy bear would have the same colors. I have a glamorous idea. I just came up with a new candy called Juny Bees. Juny Bees have choclate on the outside and shaped like a bee. On the inside was honey.
Sour Gummy Worms Fan Letter 3/11/2017
To Whom it may concern, My name is John and I am wirting to tell you why I love your sour gummy worms. I’m going to tell you five reasons why I love your product. Sour gummy worms are so good. They smell very sour. The sour gummy worms taste SUPER SOUR. This candy perks me upon day I’m sad. I like this candy cause They are not individually wrapped thank you. Can you send me some samples?
Gummy LifeSavers 2/22/2017
I love tangy collisions by Life Savers. My absolute favorite. Can't hardly find them here so im ordering 5 lbs which will last a long time for me. I will order them from here so i don't have to run around looking for them anymore.
Gingerbread Candy Robots Letter 1/12/2017
Dear Mr. Wonka My name is Sean and I am eight-years-old. I’m making a candy gingerbread house that I am wondering if you can manufacture. You can eat the grass and it grows back. You can open the door, which has chocolate hinges. Then gingerbread robots walk out and mow the lawn. It also has weeds that taste like root-beer. How do you like that? And how are the Oompa-Loompas?
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