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Sunbursts Candy

Wee little candy delights to eat by the handful, Sunbursts are sunflower kernels dipped in chocolate and covered with a crisp and colorful candy shell. Third generation farmer Joseph Dutra tells of Sunbursts' curious backstory. When Dutra received 40,000 pounds of chocolate-covered sunflower seeds as a gift from a friend who obtained them in Korea, he sold them to his neighbors out of a trailer on his farm. So delicious, it's no surprise that his cronies went crazy for these candies! Wildly popular in the Asian country, the practice of covering nuts, almonds, seeds and the like with a candy shell is called sugar panning. Adopting this tradition, Dutra shed his agriculture appointment and became a candy maker. Today Dutra produces Sunbursts in Nevada where the nights are cool and the days are dry--prime candy-cooking conditions! Sunbursts are candy with nutritional value. Bet you can't eat just one, and you don't have to!
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