Altoids Mints Tins - Spearmint: 12-Piece Box by Altoids

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Make Altoids spearmint mints your go-to confidence boosters for sweet-smelling breath on demand. Everyone's got their favorite flavor, and spearmint fans swear by these intensely refreshing mint candies. The trademark Altoids tin keeps your mints tasting and smelling as fragrant and fresh as an herb garden in summer. This 12-piece tin box gives you plenty of spearmint Altoids to stash in your drawers, vehicles, purses, and backpacks for cool minty flavor and clean, fresh breath you can count on anytime, anywhere. Check out the whole Altoids collection at Candy Warehouse that includes arctic peppermint, wintergreen, and cinnamon, and let us know which curiously strong breath mint flavor is your favorite.

Each tin contains about 75 mints.

Box includes 12 tins of Altoids Spearmint Mints Candy.

Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs.