Sparkle Candy Tulip Lollipops: 100-Piece Bag by Twinkle Candy

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Orchids are delicate and ornate, roses have amorous passion and daisies embody unabashed cheeriness in flower form, but nothing beats a tulip for dew-dropped spring freshness and vivid color. The cup-shaped perennial flowers born from bulbs are the true harbingers of warm weather and the reanimation of plant life. With such pleasant connotations, it is no wonder they are the subject of so many of the stock photos that come with picture frames. A faithful candy recreation of these stunning flowers, these suckers feature foot-long stems and a cellophane wrapper over the candy bloom. You’ll want to use these confections to complement both candy bouquets and the real thing. Bundle them into a bouquet, set them in a vase, or dispense them one-by-one. They make excellent gifts, party favors, and event take-a ways. They’re sure to brighten the day of any recipient.

Assortment includes 6 translucent colors and fruit flavors:
Color: Flavor-
Blue: Cotton Candy
Green: Apple
Yellow: Juicy Fruit
Red: Watermelon
Pink: Strawberry
Purple: Blackberry

Sucker Dimensions-
Length: 1-1/4 Inch
Width: 1 Inch
Thickness: 1/4 Inch
Total Length: 12 Inches

Bag contains 100 Assorted Colors Tulip-Shaped Hard Candy Lollipops.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 5 lbs.

DISCLAIMER: There are unequal numbers of each color in a bag. The manufacturer places more of the popular colors/flavors in each mix of 100 pops. You will NOT receive equal numbers of every color!

DISCLAIMER: Color may vary from photographs. Manufacturing process often differs slightly with every batch. NO REFUNDS for COLOR variance.