Sour Patch Watermelon Slices Candy: 30-Ounce Bag by Sour Patch Kids

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Your taste buds have been in the mood for watermelon for quite some time. The thought of a red center and green end just fills you up with cravings. The only problem is this isn’t the season for watermelon picking. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a slice or maybe even a whole bag full of juicy watermelon to indulge in. It’s possible with Sour Patch Kids watermelon flavored candy. These gummies have all of the best characteristics of watermelon. Think fresh succulent flavor without the rinds, seeds, and waiting around for ripeness. So, at this point we really aren’t sure what you’re waiting for.

Resealable bag contains 30 ounces of Sour Patch Watermelon Slices Candy.

Made in Canada.

Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs.