Sour Patch Cherries Candy: 5LB Bag by Sour Patch Kids

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Two options: fill your water supply up with a ginormous bag of "Sour", then attach your garden hose to the water supply and hydrate your cherry garden with the enhanced supply until your first crop is ripe enough for picking. Or rip open this five-pound bag of cherry gummies sprinkled with sour crystals and pucker and smile at the sour and sweet flavor. If option one doesn’t sound feasible, we suggest going with option two. Law of the least effort right? Plus, you’ll have some to share with friends and family. There’s no telling how many little cherries you’d get from picking. This way you get five pounds, guaranteed.

There are approximately 75 pieces per pound.
Cherry Width: 3/4 Inch

Bag contains 5 pounds of Sour Patch Red Cherries Candy.

Made in Canada.

Shipping Weight ~ 6 lbs.