Shark Attack Tooth Candy Necklaces: 12-Piece Box by Fun Express

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Wearers of shark tooth necklaces are conventionally considered to possess bravery and good luck. Wearers of candy necklaces are usually considered to possess… a sweet tooth.

And we think both sound like very good things.

So what could be better than a combination of the two? Wrap this shark tooth necklace around party favors for a delicious decoration or wear it to show off all the great traits you possess. Each necklace includes grape, blue raspberry, and blueberry candies and features a candy shark tooth charm. Feel free to sink your teeth in whenever the urge arises!

Necklace Length: 18 Inches

Shark Tooth Length: 1.5 Inch

Box contains 12 individually wrapped Shark Attack Tooth Candy Necklaces.

Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb.