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Peanuts - Spanish Roasted
Peanuts - Spanish Roasted 
  • Peanuts - Spanish Roasted
  • Peanuts - Spanish Roasted
  • Peanuts - Spanish Roasted
  • Peanuts - Spanish Roasted
  • Peanuts - Spanish Roasted
  • Peanuts - Spanish Roasted

Peanuts - Spanish Roasted

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Made in USA
Once upon a time, there was a legume that lived in the dirt. It looked a lot like its relative Pea and even more like the stranger Nut. This confused farmers so much that they had many barnyard debates. Shouts stretched back and forth across the room: "It’s a ground nut!" "No, it’s a ground pea!" The debate continued until both parties got tired and needed a snack. As they crunched on the agreeable flavor found in each bite, they instantly came to an agreement that their new favorite snack should be named "peanut" for its pea-like body and nutty taste. Okay not really, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the flavorful nuts will agree with the preferences of your taste buds. Just ask anyone since peanuts are the number one snack nut in the United States. Perfect for kids, parents, and grandparents, add this collection of roasted Spanish peanuts to your diet. The protein, B vitamin, calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium-dense snack has the potential to do wonders for your life. Health experts say the wonders include maintaining weight loss, lowering blood pressure, and preventing brain-fatigue. We wouldn’t dare argue with the experts.

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Made in the USA.
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