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Ring Pop Candy

Slip on some star power! Ring Pops are the ultimate in candy bling. These giant, brightly colored candy gems have been transforming everyday children into stars since 1977. Created by a father looking for a way to get his daughter to stop sucking her thumb, these candy treats are a staple in the childhoods of millions. While lollipops have been around seemingly forever, this new idea of making food into fashion was a fun take on the scene that would captivate the hearts of both the young and the young at heart. With so many amazing colors and flavors, this is one fashion trend that will always be in style.

Made with a plastic ring and a sweet candy as the diamond, these fun candies used to only come in a few flavors. With their growing fan base, the flavors and types have also expanded. While you can still get the classic flavors of cherry, grape, and strawberry, these sweet treats also offer fun favorites such as their Twisted variety which combine flavors into new taste sensations. Like your candy a little softer? Check out the gummy Ring Pop candy choices. These fun gummies can still be slipped over the finger for a jewelry treat you can eat! We even offer their gummy chains when looking for a creative treat that lets the imagination run wild. In need of sugar-free options that let you feel like a kid again without the sugar overload? We have you covered! Of course, no holiday is complete without the right candy. We offer a candy ring for every holiday such as Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. Whether looking for a holiday ring, a baby bottle full of delicious sugar, or a classic for fashion you can eat, we have all your favorites right here. Fun to wear and sweet to eat, this candy is the whole package and then some!
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