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A Stellar Cash-Conserving Idea and a Memorable Ice-Breaker

Candy Centerpieces

Candy Centerpiece

Consider using candy both as your centerpieces AND your favors all at the same time! One of our candy elves dreamed up this idea and saved hundreds of dollars on pricey floral arrangements for the reception! Here’s how:
  1. Purchase three different types of containers of differing heights that hold three to five pounds of candy. Place all three containers in the center of each reception table and fill each one with a different type of candy. Continue doing this for each reception table. For example, if you have ten tables you will have 30 different types of candy displayed.
  2. Provide little containers (think organza bags, Chinese takeout boxes, etc.) for each guest. Let the containers serve as seating cards or something a guest can pick up as he or she enters the reception. In or on the containers you can also provide a map or list of tables indicating at which locations the various candies can be found.
  3. Before the formal reception begins, guests will walk around finding their seats, visiting other tables and filling their containers with some of their favorite candies, creating custom favors!

Aha Momenttips-tricks-candymap

The beauty of this technique is that not only will you save money on centerpieces, but your guests will enjoy mingling and interacting with one another as they visit each table and marvel at your creativity! Often times it can take a while for guests to get to know each other at an event, but candy can be a conversation starter. Guests may be inspired to swap stories about the wax candy bottles they had as children or lollipops they loved. Your candy may very well bring back happy memories for your guests, and at the same time help create new ones!
And our most important tip . . . HAVE FUN and ENJOY YOUR EVENT!
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