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Most Popular Candy List

Shopping for candy online can seem like a bit of an uphill battle. Everything looks sweet on the screen, but how will you know what candy to buy for your upcoming party, corporate event, or wedding? CandyWarehouse.com is always on the hunt for bestselling candy classics, as well as new confections that will surprise and satisfy any kind of craving.

You can always sort through candies by color, theme, flavor, or price, but what if there were an easier way? We took the liberty of creating a popular candy list to help customers like you find the sweets you need in little to no time at all. Refer to our comprehensive candy list to find bestselling brands and candy varieties that everyone will enjoy.

Most Popular Candy List
Explore our sweet universe and buy in bulk to save big in the long run!

Bubblegum: Kick back and relax with a mouthful of your favorite bubblegum.
• Hubba Bubba®: With such a wide variety of flavors to choose from, you’ll be blowing big bubbles in no time.
• Bazooka®: Classic chewing gum that became an instant favorite and a collector’s item after World War II.
• Dubble Bubble: America’s iconic "chunk-shaped" bubblegum that is bursting with fruity or sour flavor.

Candy Bars: Great for snacking or sharing. Cuddle up with a popular candy bar.
• KIT KAT®: You know the jingle, so it’s no surprise why you have to break off a piece of this scrumptious wafer.
• Reese’s®: Though the peanut butter cups may not be a candy bar in form, no one can deny the heavenly taste.
• MILKY WAY®: The name alone of this chewy nougat bar is enough to send any sweet tooth into overdrive.

Chocolates: If there’s one thing sweeter than candy, it might be chocolate.
• Lindt®: Beloved for their LINDOR truffles, which are filled with decadent chocolate in a variety of flavors.
• Ghirardelli®: Squares with a distinctively smooth taste and a variety of flavors or fillings to choose from.
• Hershey’s®: Hershey chocolate and happiness go together like PB&J or any heavenly combination.

Gummies: Give your jaw a rest by snacking on something soft, gooey, and fruity.
• HARIBO®: It’s hard to compete with the first company to introduce us to the original gummy bear.
• Black Forest Organic™: What’s not to love about a USDA-certified organic twist on the classic gummy?
• Brach’s®: The party doesn’t start until you break out a bag of Brach’s gummy candy in all your favorite flavors.

Hard Candy: Give your mouth a little homework by choosing hard candy to satisfy your cravings.
• Jolly Rancher®: Tantalize and satisfy your taste buds with a refreshing blast of fruity flavors.
• Life Savers®: Nothing beats these classic ring-shaped candies, especially during a long work day.
• Werther’s Original®: Enjoy all the distinct flavors of a classic caramel at any time of the day.

Jelly Beans: They’re not just for Easter! Stock up on jelly beans to enjoy all year long.
• Jelly Belly®: Synonymous with jelly beans since 1898, but the flavor variety is what keeps them on top.
• Starburst®: All those fruity flavors will have you daydreaming of paradise while you sit at your cubicle.
• Sour Patch Kids®: Give your sweet tooth a rest to sink your teeth into something seriously sour instead.

If you have any questions about our candy list or would like to learn more about buying wholesale, please contact us today to speak to a customer service representative for additional information or further assistance.
The most popular candy list at our bulk candy store shows all of the products on our website and categorizes them by sales popularity. Find all the best selling candy classics and make new discoveries of the latest confectionery inventions available. Sort candies by color, party theme, special occasion, holiday, flavor, or price. You've probably seen a top ten list, but how about a top 6,000 list? Explore the universe of sweets and buy in bulk to save big! Most Popular Candy Trends
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