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How to Blow Championship Bubblegum Bubbles!


World Record Bubble Gum Bubble Blowing Video!

Secrets Revealed: How to Blow Championship Bubbles with Bubble Gum Chewing gum has been a favorite past time since the time of the ancient Greeks; many cultures have chewed gum-like substances, mostly made from natural substances such as grasses, plants, and resins. The first person to patent chewing gum was William Semple, on December 28, 1869, but it is Susan Montgomery Williams who holds the Guinness World Record for the largest bubble gum bubble blown, at 23 inches in diameter.

The most popular brands are not always the best for blowing bubbles. Companies like Bubble Yum, Dubble Bubble, and Bubbicilious have created soft, easy to chew, full of flavor, long lasting gum; great for those that want to chew gum, bad for those that want to blow bubbles. If you want to blow championship bubbles, go with a less popular brand like Double Bubble or Bazooka. They contain less sugar and are harder to chew, but offer superior strength for bubbles.

Stick to the smaller amounts of gum; more gum doesn’t mean more bubble. If you can blow your bubble and you still have gum in your mouth, you need more practice, not more gum. Remember, you are allowed only three pieces of gum when going for the world record. Pay close attention to your wind and temperature. These are two factors that will cause your bubble blowing to pop before they reach full potential. Be sure to blow your bubbles inside where you can control the wind and the temperature. Too cold and your bubble pops prematurely, too warm and your bubble will sag and go flat. All gum contains sugar and artificial flavoring which is great for taste, but bad for bubbles. Be sure to chew your gum long enough to work out all of the sugar and artificial flavoring, this will help to strengthen your bubble. Be sure to get your gum to the correct consistency. As you blow bubbles, the gum cools and becomes less pliable, as you chew it warms back up. Find the right consistency to where you can push your tongue through the gum to make the pocket, but where you don’t push all the way through and leave little gum to make a big bubble with.

If you want to blow the biggest bubbles possible, be careful and blow slowly. Use slow even breaths, this gives your gum time to stretch and grow, but also keeps even pressure on the gum to keep it from sagging. Don’t tighten your lips around the bubble like you just sucked on a lemon, this will force you to blow harder and pop your bubble. Instead keep your mouth open so you inflate the bubble through a larger hole.

Practice, practice, practice! Blowing championship bubbles will require not only practice but a strong jaw, tongue, and diaphragm. Try different combinations of the tips above to find the perfect conditions for blowing the biggest bubbles possible. Practice and compete with your friends to see who can blow the biggest bubble, and remember the most important tip: Have Fun!

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