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How Much Candy

How Much Candy to Fill Containers
Planning a birthday party, corporate event, or wedding? Candy is dandy for every kind of party, but planning a candy bar can be difficult. How much candy should you buy to fill an oddly shaped jar, tin, or serving bowl? Luckily, we can help. The candy experts at CandyWarehouse.com are always hard at work, helping customers like you to solve their most difficult candy math problems. Many of our bulk candies come with calculators to help you determine how much candy you need to fill any volume of container. Just look for the Candy Calculator symbol shown here:Candy Calculator

Unless noted on the package, you will need to determine the volume of your container before you begin. You can fill the container with liquid and then measure the amount of liquid it takes to completely fill the container. For instance, any one-gallon container should hold approximately 10 pounds of jelly beans. Our one-gallon glass candy jar is the perfect solution to store all your favorite sweets. Just don’t get caught with your hand in the candy jar!

If you are feeling particularly technical, you can calculate volume the old-fashioned way:

• Rectangle or Square: length x width x height
• Cylinder or Prism: area of the end shape x the height/depth of the prism/cylinder
• Cone or Pyramid: area of the base or end shape x the height of the cone/pyramid x 1/3
• Circle or Sphere: 4/3 x π x radius

Candy shopping for a large event can certainly be confusing. As a rule of thumb, you should buy enough candy to account for four to eight ounces per guest. Events with up to 100 guests in attendance may need approximately 50 pounds of candy to satisfy all those cravings. If you have any questions about calculating how much candy to fill the containers for your event, please contact us today for additional information or further assistance.
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