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Chocolate Factory Video Game

Build the tallest Chocolate factory in town. The sky is the limit in this fun timing game! Stacking real life boxes is not very fun. Just remember the last time you helped one of your friends move. Sure they tried to make it fun and bought pizza and soda but on that 8th trip from the van to the 3rd floor walk-up apartment you realized that perhaps some social conventions really do have victims. Perhaps it was the boxes you were carrying, labeled “Old College Textbooks” and “Sedimentary Rocks.” Chocolate Factory is better than that. The addictive rhythm of dropping boxes on top of boxes might not get you any stale pineapple & Canadian bacon, but you won’t slip a disk getting mesmerized by the boxes lining up perfectly one after the other.

Chupa Chups Lolllipops
Haribo Gummy
Hershey's Kisses
jolly rancher candy
PEZ Candy
Sour Patch Candy
Starburst Candy
Swedish Fish Candy
Tootsie Roll Industries
Twizzlers Candy