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Rainbow Chevron Candy Cup
Rainbow Chevron Candy Cup 
  • Rainbow Chevron Candy Cup
  • Rainbow Chevron Candy Cup

Scalloped Paper Candy Cups - Rainbow Chevron: 24-Piece Pack

Item # 129103
It’s sweet. It’s tasty. It’s… melty? Just because you love candy doesn’t mean you need to adore all the aspects of it. That handful of gumdrops is sure to hit the spot, but it’ll probably also leave an unseemly mess on your hands and clothes if you happen to let it melt. And unwrapped chocolate? Don’t even get us started!

But rather than sit around and feel betrayed by your favorite treat, we’ve got a sweeter solution: trendy, party-ready candy cups! Each four-ounce cup holds the perfect amount of sweets for snacking and fits neatly in small hands, making them ideal both for abetting candy buffet grazers and divvying up a suitable snack size of candy for kids. These miniature candy heroes even come in a pretty rainbow chevron pattern! Never let your treats betray you again -- turn to the candy cup, and feel your trust issues fade away.

Cup Dimensions-
Bottom Diameter: 2 Inches
Top Diameter: 2 ½ Inches
Depth: 1 ½ Inches
Capacity: 4 Ounces

Unit Price = $0.25/cup.

Pack contains 24 Rainbow Chevron Scalloped Paper Candy Cups, each with a capacity of 4 ounces.

Shipping Weight ~ 1/2 lb.

DISCLAIMER: These cups are NOT recommended for baking.
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