Purple Swirl Plastic Candy Lollipop - 24 Inch by Vickerman

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Admit it -- you fantasize about the idea of waking up to the view of shiny lollipops glistening with dew every morning, but you fear this brazen idea is nothing more than an unfulfillable dream. Sugary gardens are unique to gingerbread houses or scenes from a fairy tale, right?

Well, maybe not. What if we told you it’s possible to adorn your garden with actual, over-sized lollipops? Standing about 2 feet tall, this purple swirl lollipop is the perfect size to plant along a pathway and create your own winter wonderland! It’ll look fantastic surrounded by snow, or merely poking out of a grassy knoll. (We realize not all locations experience a white Christmas, and luckily these lollipops don’t discriminate -- they look adorable in any sort of weather!) Plus, they’re also phenomenal indoor decorations -- add them to flower arrangements or use them to adorn a hallway. They make great holiday ornaments, but in all reality, we love to decorate with them year ‘round!

Just note, these pops are made of plastic, and as such, they are solely ornamental… so try not to lick them. We sell real lollipops for just that purpose!

Lollipop Specifications-
Length: 24 Inches
Diameter: 8 Inches

Shipping Weight ~ 8 lbs.