Mini Pumpkin Swirl Pops Halloween Lollipops on 12-Inch Sticks: 200-Piece Pack by Original Gourmet Food Company

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Sorry, discontinued by the manufacturer. Try these Pumpkin Pops instead.

Create festive candy bouquets for your Halloween party with a set of these swirled lollipops in the shape of pumpkins in two colorful designs. Pumpkin Pops are sure to be a delightful surprise of fabulous orange fruit flavor when your guests take one lick of these delicious hard candies. The long sticks of these pops allow you to easily make table centerpieces for your event. For instance, arrangements of 4 pops will create 50 centerpieces... larger bouquets of 8 suckers will allow for 25 table settings. Or utilize the included stand which allows you to display 100 lollipops at once.

Case contains 200 Pumpkin Pops Swirled Halloween Lollipops on 12-Inch Sticks.

Shipping Weight ~ 6 lbs.