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Pixy Stix Candy

Pixy Stix evolved from a drink mix circa the 1930s named Fruzola, which was a small package of sugary flavored powder that was designed to be mixed with water. Children being the inventive little ones they are, found it way more fun to eat the sweet powder straight, no water necessary. J. Fish Smith, a resourceful fellow himself, noticed this new way kids were enjoying the “drink mix” and modified the concoction into the form of “Lik-M-Aid.” In 1959, the product was reinvented again, renamed, and packaged in color-striped straws. Currently at home with Nestle, (formerly with Wonka) these tiny tubes of sweet and sour delight are still a must-have favorite among candy lovers both young and not so young!

With such a following, it wasn’t long before the sugar sensation became available in giant Pixy Stix sizes, and in a rainbow of flavors like Grape, Maui Punch, Orange, Cherry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Cucumber Watermelon, Mango Lime, and Pineapple. They are perfectly paired with other treats on a candy buffet table at a baby shower or birthday party, or even better, bulk Pixy Stix candy from Candy Warehouse is an economical way to fill trick or treaters loot bags with something they won’t toss out when they get home. Because, as anyone who has tried these sugar-filled straws will tell you, once you’ve had one, you can't wait to have another!
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