Pink Telescoping Marshmallow Forks: 2-Piece Set by Rolla Roaster

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Now you can toast marshmallows in comfort and style! Just grab a telescoping toasting fork, pop on a few of your favorite marshmallows, sit back and relax. You get a pair of stainless steel camping forks with pink handles that telescope from 12-42 inches long for backyard barbecues and campfire cooking.The handles also feature a rotisserie knob you can rotate with your thumb, ensuring marshmallows toast evenly on all sides. They make a great gift!

Fork Length:
42 Inches (extended)
12 Inches (collapsed)

Set includes 2 Rolla Roaster Pink Telescoping Marshmallow Forks. Marshmallows not included.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb.