Twinkle Candy Star Lollipops - Pink: 120-Piece Bag by Twinkle Candy

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Ursa Major and Ursa Minor are the proper names of the big and little bear constellations that stalk the night sky. If you’ve ever mapped out one of the two, though, you probably noticed something strange -- these "bears" have exceedingly long tails! As an Ancient Greek myth explains, the tails look this way for a reason. Deep in the woods of Greece, the pretty nymph Callisto gave birth to a baby boy fathered by the god Zeus. Upon learning of this, Zeus’s wife Hera was very jealous, so in revenge, she turned Callisto into a bear. The son, Arcas, grew up to become a great hunter, and one day while hunting in the woods, he unwittingly stumbled upon his mother in her bear form. Not knowing this was his mom, he drew his bow to shoot her, but luckily, Zeus got wind of this accidental meeting in time to intervene. He turned Arcas into a bear as well and sent both him and his mother into the sky by grabbing them by the tails and swinging them around his head. This explains why both bears have such long tails!

If you’re a fan of constellations, myths, lollipops, cherries, or any combination of the four, then have we got a candy for you! These cherry flavored suckers are shaped like stars and come in a pack large enough to create your very own deliciously fruity constellation! Their extra-long sticks make them ideal for arranging in a pink display, pretty enough to sooth even the jealousy-fueled tempers of Hera herself.

Sucker Specifications-
Diameter: 1 1/4 Inch
Thickness: 1/4 Inch
Total Length: 12 Inches

Each star is individually wrapped with cellophane.

Bag contains 120 Twinkle Candy Pink Star Lollipops.

Shipping Weight ~ 6 lbs. Kosher Certified.

5.0 star rating 2 Reviews