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Pearson's Candy

Pearson's Candy Company produces taste-tempting confections of pure indulgence using only high quality, wholesome ingredients. The history of Pearsons Candy began in 1909, when five brothers created a confectionery distribution firm in Minneapolis, MN, and quickly began producing the legendary Nut Goodie bar, a delectable cluster of roasted peanuts, real milk chocolate, and indulgent maple nougat. As time went on, other favorites came on the scene, such as Mint Patties, made from real peppermint, Bit-O-Honey, the chewy taffy created with real honey and almonds, and the Salted Nut Roll, a delicious roll of crunchy roasted peanuts, golden caramel, and chewy nougat. For a treat that helps you celebrate the little moments in life, browse the full selection of Pearsons Candy in stock at Candy Warehouse!
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