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Palm Oil Free Candy

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Explore our selection of palm oil free candy. Shop for candy that is palm oil free or uses sustainable palm oil as defined by the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil.

So what is palm oil anyway?

Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil. Which is derived from the "mesocarp" of the fruit of oil palms. It is grown only in the tropics, and used mostly as a cooking oil. Scholars say, it is the most efficient source of vegetable oil. The name itself may not sound too familiar. But it is the most widely consumed vegetable oil on earth! It's in everything from eyeliner to frosted bagels, and can be found in a majority of the packaged goods on shelves at any supermarket. The major downside is, it is one of the leading causes for deforestation today! Millions of square feet are being cleared every hour in rain forests around the world, to make space for palm oil plantations. Because land and forests must be cleared for the development of palm oil plantations, the palm oil industry is linked to issues such as habitat degradation, animal extinction, and climate change in the countries it is produced. Many organizations related to animals are opposed to eating candy with palm oil as an ingredient. It can be hard to avoid palm oil. But for those who want to contribute to a good cause & help counter rain deforestation. There are alternative options for all common products a consumer would need in day to day life.

Any products made by Nestle, Kellogg’s, Hershey’s, Mars, and Kraft Foods—even if they’re not listed here— are good choices as all are a member of the RSPO. If your favorite snack or snack company is not listed, write to the manufacturer and ask that they join the RSPO and commit to using certified sustainable palm oil. You can make the difference in the lives of orangutans, elephants, tigers and hornbills!
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