Bee International OOZing Eyeballs Candy: 50-Piece Bag by Bee International Inc

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Ever get that creepy-crawly feeling that somewhere, somehow, a gummy bear is watching you? How about the pulse-quickening sensation that a menacing mass of marshmallows is out to get you? Yeah. So do we. That’s why we feel a little uneasy around these gawking eyeballs with spongy marshmallow outsides, and gooey, fruit-flavored insides. But then, we tend to just gobble them all up anyway, so that makes us feel better.

Assortment includes three fabulous flavors:
Blood Berry
Gory Grape
Bruise Berry

Bag contains 50 individually wrapped Oozing Eyeballs Jelly Filled Marshmallow Candy.

Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb.